Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene

While all eyes were on Irene heading for NYC and Long Island, no one imagined what Irene would do to Upstate New York, Vermont and Northern NJ! I've posted some pictures of the devastation. Below the pictures I'll write about an opportunity for you to help through Seasons Soapworks.

This is the home of the brother of a friend of ours. The water nearly completely covered his home and swept away or destroyed everything. The rush of the waters blew out his front and back windows/doors and washed away his belongings.

This is Old Fort Johnson. There was 5 feet of standing water inside the first floor. Thankfully, they moved the artifacts out of harm's way.

This is Lock 10 on the Mohawk River just east of Amsterdam. The lock is badly damaged and the south bank where the lock houses were is nothing but a sink hole now.

This is Guy Park Manor, built in the late 18th century.

Here are some videos of the extensive damage:

Seasons Soapworks has collected rain water from Hurricane Irene (not roof run off) and is making soaps from it. The soaps will be sold to raise money for my local friends who suffered damages and losses from the flooding. 100% of the profits from the soaps will go to the following people:

Ms.C's house was flooded almost to the first floor, the basement completely flooded out. They suffered some property loss, too, but thankfully they are one of the lucky ones who's house still stands. She has 2 young children.

Mr.N is the one in the first picture who's house was destroyed.

Ms.L is a friend of mine who lives not too far from her. Her rental home was still surrounded by water 2 days afterwards. She lost most of her personal property and one of her two cats. She is displaced and now owns two changes of clothing to her name.

I will also gladly collect any monetary donations through my paypal at You can specify in the notes to whom or where you'd like the funds to go. Please put Hurricane Irene in the note, so I can clearly see that this is a donation.

I will collect gift cards (Walmart is the most common store around here, but we also have a Target, Price Chopper, Lowes and Home Depot). These gift cards will go directly to these 3 people. You can specify to whom, if you wish. You can send gift cards to:

c/o Kateri Scott
321 Swart Hill Rd.
Amsterdam, NY 12010

Thank you for your kindness and considerations. Please pray for those who've lost so much.

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