Friday, August 26, 2011

Breast Milk Soap

I will be making soap from my sister's breast milk soon. Apparently, mother's milk put into soap is good for your baby's skin. It makes sense. Breast milk is great for rashes, cradle cap and other such infant issues.

However, I do understand that there are mixed emotions about making soap out of breast milk.

On one hand, it can be beneficial and personal for mother and baby to have that option at bathtime. Something natural, and as close to mom as possible for baby to bathe in can be comforting and healthful.

On the other hand, others may feel that breast milk is best served INSIDE baby rather than outside and any extra "liquid gold" should be given to mothers who cannot breast feed.

Granted, it only takes 4 ounces of breast milk to make 6 bars of soap. Still, I understand that breast milk is not a thing to waste. But is it wasteful to use on baby in the bath? It depends on your personal feelings and I TOTALLY RESPECT both sides of the issue.

I would NEVER collect breast milk to sell for profit as a novelty soap. I repeat: NEVER!! To me, that is a blatant waste , an ethical nightmare, and a terrible way to profit. However, I am kicking around the idea of offering to make breast milk soap for mothers who do want it for their baby's bath. Personal use only! Your breast milk for your use.

The soap would be made from organic unrefined coconut oil, sweet almond oil and extra virgin olive oil and only as much food grade sodium hydroxide as needed for saponification.

Would this be something mothers would be interested in? Or do you think it crosses a line?

I value your opinion, but please keep comments civil, understanding and respectful. I know full well that this is a hot button issue.

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  1. This is an interesting idea! I think I would do it if I was still breastfeeding babies. I loved breastfeeding. I think it would be especially nice for newborns.

    I would love to learn how to make soap!