Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Your Soaps Sound Good Enough To Eat!

Indeed, up until I add the lye to create the saponification process (the processes of turning fats into go ol' fashioned soap), my soaps are quite edible! Natural foods are good inside and out!

Many herbs are great for the skin, yet edible in teas or used medicinally internally.

Coconut oil is a beauty oil of the islands.
Sweet Almond Oil was Jackie O's moisturizer of choice for her famed complexion.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is slathered on women of the Middle East and Mediterranean for their glowing skin.

All of these oils are edible, too, and good for you!

Buttermilk can even be used dabbed on a cotton ball as a make-up remover!

Goat's Milk can be poured in a bath for a soothing milk bath.

Oatmeal is a known soother of dry skin conditions.

Even the lye I use is food-grade lye, which is used for turning dried corn into hominy and grits. (CAUTION: Do NOT eat my soap!)

There is a great campaign out there to encourage and educate people to stop putting chemically-laden food into their bodies, but I challenge you to not put chemically-laden beauty products ONTO your body as well!

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  1. Here from Raising Homemakers! I use Sweet Almond Oil as a lotion- on my face and body. I really like it and it is very economical as well.