Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome To Seasons Soapworks

Welcome to Seasons Soapworks!

What started as a whim has turned into a business at my beloved husband's urging. After just my first successful batch of goat's milk soap, he suggested I start selling my product. I wanted to make sure my soap making wasn't just a fluke, so I made another batch before deciding that I could indeed do this!

My recipes are my own. They are simple and involve no crazy chemicals or questionable oils. I make this soap for my family, so you can be sure I'm not going to lather them up in something dangerous.

I use quality ingredients, including organic coconut, sweet almond, and olive oils. My milks, whether goat's or cow's are from local farms, no hormones used. The lye (I'll do a post later on why you don't have to fear the lye....lye is needed to make soap. No lye, no soap...lye-less soap isn't soap, it's detergent) is food-grade. The herbs are mostly from my own pesticide/chemical-free garden or otherwise obtained from natural or organic/reputable sources.

So, as soon as I can get my etsy shop up and running, please head on over there and browse through.

Here is a sneek-peek at my soaps so far:

Goat's milk oatmeal (lightly baby powder scented)
Buttermilk oatmeal (lightly baby powder scented)
Buttermilk Heavy on the Oatmeal (lightly baby powder scented)
Plantain Infusion
Rose Water
Peppermint Infusion
Lemon Verbena Infusion

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