Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Greener Soaps

I have been considering two ways to make my soaps more green, that is, better for the environment:

1. Instead of wrapping the soaps in plastic coated freezer paper, I'm considering using pages from discarded books. These books are often left in the landfills or just tossed in the recycle bin or simply burned. Instead, I can give them one last lease on life as unique wrappers for my soap! Then, my customer can either upcycle once more or simply toss the paper into the recycle bin. Reduce, Reuse and then Recycle!

2. Rain water! Why hadn't I thought of this before? I can collect rain water, which is generally more healthful and green to achieve than well water. Of course, I've begun collecting water from the sky, not off my roof. I missed today's thunderstorm, though.

I also found an excellent source for my organic, unrefined coconut oil. The entire production of this coconut oil is green! No pesticides, they even reuse the coconut husks to fuel the machinery that extracts the oil!

I also reuse boxes and envelopes for storage and shipping. Not only is it good for the environment, but it cuts costs, too, so I'm not upping soap prices. Shipping costs are crazy enough!

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